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Muon emission medical scanner device

muon emission medical scanners Humanity has always been able to overcome many problems with the help of physics, by creating tools and devices that have made the way smooth, both in medicine and in other fields. Especially particle physics, which has created wonders in our world. Devices such as MRI or other medical scanners are […]

Machine learning in agriculture

Machine learning in agriculture

Machine Learning in Agriculture What practical applications will machine learning and artificial intelligence have in agriculture? And will they improve the agricultural process? In this article, we will explore this topic to see what happens if we introduce artificial intelligence, and particularly machine learning, into the production of agricultural products and what progress we will […]

Micro robots in agriculture

robots in agriculture

The role of micro-robots in smart agriculture Can robots, especially micro-robots, be used in modern agriculture? If so, what would be the application of micro-robots? Continuous examination of soil and cultivation environment with the help of micro-robots The cultivation environment of plants and agricultural products, which is mainly soil, is a very important factor for […]

Experiments to make the first functional smart clothing


Smart clothing, an important step in the clothing industry What is smart clothing? Have you ever experienced using (real) smart clothing before? If you search for the term smart clothing on the internet, hundreds to thousands of results will appear, some of which are news about a company conducting research and some others about another […]