Maybe you want to know what our goal is and who we are! Here we will tell a little about our goals, dreams and plans.


We are groups and teams composed of programmers, researchers, and scientists working in various fields such as modern agriculture, space science, computer science (hardware and software), robotics and artificial intelligence, and renewable and sustainable energies. We also work in the fields of physics (including quantum branches) and chemistry.

Each of the mentioned fields has its own specialized unit, and experts in that field work on related topics. For example, the computer science unit consists of researchers and scientists in the field of computer science who are striving to create better and improved computer systems for other sectors, or the quantum physics division working on topics related to quantum computers or quantum entanglement to create quantum networks.

Our team and group are continuously expanding and growing, and our goals include creating a better and more beautiful world to protect the Earth while reconciling technology with nature.

If you would like to learn more about our activities and achievements, you can click on each of the units below to learn more about each section.



Smart farming
renewable energy
Smart home and city