Smart home, from fantasy to reality

خانه هوشمند

Smart home, from fantasy to reality

Perhaps, since the first drop of rain fell on our ancestors and they thought of shelter and cave dwelling became popular until the next generations changed the appearance of the houses from straw to stone and concrete houses, few believed that one day would come. that not only the appearance of the houses will change a lot, but also the efficiency of the house will be much different from a normal shelter and smart houses will be built. Houses that have modern buildings and all its components and electrical appliances are integrated by a central system and They work well together.

? Why is it better to make our homes smar

In answer to this question, it is better to know the benefits of a smart home so that we can think about making our home smart with an open mind

Perhaps the first thing that is noticed is that the level of comfort and well-being in these houses is very high and of high quality.

For example, you can easily turn the lights on or off with a voice command

And before entering the house, turn on the tea maker and activate your heating or cooling system through your mobile phone, and everything is ready for a great rest after you get home from work, as well as the next advantage of smart homes. The security of the house is high because you can easily control the CCTV cameras and the entrance doors, and besides that, you can have an interesting entertainment for the rest time, and you can easily provide yourself with an attractive light, music or dance with a voice command.

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