Smart clothes

The discussion of smart clothing has been associated with the topic of the Internet of Things for several years. Efforts in this field have been made by electronics companies and clothing brands, such as Samsung and Tommy’s Clothing. Such clothes receive specific information that the company wants to provide some services to customers at the right time. But the subject of smart clothing is very broad, which will be described in the form of headlines in this article.

In line with its goals as an active company in the field of intelligentization, Asare of second earth age has entered into this issue and research is currently being conducted.


What is smart clothing?

Smart clothing, as its name suggests, is a clothing that acts intelligently, according to the program given to it, and transfers certain data when needed.

This data will be different depending on the type of function of the clothing, and it can be controlled through a central server, or the person himself adjusts the work he expects from the clothing based on the settings he wants. For example, he can control the temperature to make him warmer in cold seasons or reduce the temperature when entering a place instead of changing clothes.

Application of smart clothing

In general, according to the application, smart clothing can be divided into two categories, personal use and industrial and commercial use. whose industrial and commercial sector includes the field of health, working in mines, maintaining the safety of people’s lives, etc.

In the field of personal use, it is also possible to mention heating or cooling clothes that the general public can wear only one piece of clothing instead of using a large volume of clothes in cold seasons and regions, and in this way, the amount of energy consumption for The heating of the environment is also reduced.

Of course, the discussion about the applications of smart clothing does not end here. To learn more about the applications of smart clothing, watch the video below.

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