Building agricultural robots

Why should we use agricultural robots to harvest crops?


When the time to harvest agricultural products comes, the worries of farmers also begin (those farmers who work in a traditional way), because one of the problems of non-modern agriculture is the lack of suitable seasonal workers in terms of the number of workers and skilled workers, which causes the failure of many agricultural products. If farmers who work in a traditional way update their entire agriculture, they will see a high growth in the production of agricultural products and also see an increase in sales because they can offer the best products. Let’s mention the problems of harvesting agricultural products by human forces.

Lack of suitable seasonal workers

The lack of a sufficient number of seasonal workers to harvest crops, as well as the lack of skilled workers (who are usually changed every season), has made finding the right workforce at the time of harvest a concern for farmers because there are usually not enough workers in the harvest seasons. Or it is hard to find.

Failure of agricultural products at harvest time due to lack of skills of many workers

Another problem of harvesting agricultural products by human workers is that usually many products are damaged due to lack of proper control or any other case, and as a result, a large number of agricultural products are thrown away due to damage during harvesting. Especially products sensitive, such as strawberries or tomatoes, etc., which is one of the drawbacks of using human workers, and the more the demand for agricultural products increases, the more these problems will be seen. It is due to fatigue and things that humans need for health and to continue working, but machines don’t get tired or hungry and they only need regular, not very expensive maintenance.

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